Made in LA. Produced in about 7 days. Ships worldwide with free US shipping on 2+ masks. Fits over N95s too!
Your Own Custom Face mask

We print faces on masks!

You might have seen our masks on Good Morning America, The Late Show, WSJ, Will Smith's Instagram, or on TikTok. That's us! We're a service that prints realistic faces onto fabric masks. These are sure to get double-takes and make people around you have a brighter day. We've brought thousands of smiles (and screams) to people's faces worldwide!

Double protection

Fits over N95s and surgical masks

Our masks are 2-layer with a cotton interior, but if you prefer to double-up your mask for more protection in public spaces, our masks are roomy and adjustable to fit comfortably over an N95 or surgical mask. Add some extra personality and whimsy your PPE.

Our masks are wildly realistic and super comfortable.

As featured in

Double layered design

Durable, breathable, and lightweight.

We use one layer of particulate-blocking polyester and another interior layer of lightweight 100% cotton that wicks moisture. You’ll be comfortable wearing our masks for hours. They’re adjustable too, with latex-free elastic straps.

Advanced design that won’t slip off.

Our masks feature special nose darts and a contoured chin piece that prevents slipping, bunching, and gapping. Other masks in the market are flat, flimsy, and slide around—but our masks stay in place, even while talking.

Machine-washable & dryable

Made for everyday use! Throw them in with your regular wash.

Made in the USA

Each mask is made to order in California with detailed printing and quality stitching.

Our magic touch

These are the most convincing selfie masks in the market.

Other personalized face masks can have crazy proportions and the facial features can end up stretching to look a bit too goofy. They might show your background too! We created magical software to make the optical illusion look very realistic. Each order receives special processing and care. We haven't seen anything comparable out there.

How it works

You upload a face picture.

Take a photo in even lighting front of a wall. Follow our instructions for best results.

We apply our warping magic.

We use our image warping software to properly print and sew your custom order.

We ship worldwide!

Every order takes up to 5 business days to create. We ship all over the world.

Stay in the loop!

Love it! Totally freaked out my mom. 🤣

Zain in California

The optical illusion we didn't know we needed.

I can't wait to wear it to the grocery store.

Jon in Oregon


Get a digital gift card!

Our masks make the perfect personalized gift. Whether it's for a friend, family member or coworker, they're guaranteed to entertain anyone who wears one. Since each mask is made to order, you can let them decide their own look.

About us

Maskalike is based in California and was developed by a team of artists and designers and founded in early 2020 by Danielle Baskin. Our magic image warping software was built by Vincent Woo. We're delighted to bring these into people's lives!

You can follow our journey at @selfiemasks on Instagram.