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Your face on a mask

Before you order, watch this video on how to take a photo and read the tips below for best results.

We make masks using image distortion based on photos you upload. So, if there's a shadow on your face or any other photo imperfections, they will show up on the mask. To prevent this, try to follow our tips!

Need any help? Email us at If you're experiencing difficulties uploading a photo on your desktop, try ordering on mobile instead.

Note: if you want the "chin masker" illusion, reply to your order confirmation after placing the order so we know to add it.


  • Don't wear glasses / sunglasses, otherwise they will show up on the mask.

  • Find natural, even lighting. Daylight is better! Lamps or ceiling lights can turn out too bright or shiny.

  • Look straight ahead, eye-level. Tilted faces will look distorted.

  • Make sure camera is at least 18" away from your face. If it helps, have someone take the photo for you.

  • Don't include other people in the photo, or we won't know which one is you!

  • Don’t crop your face. We need to see your eyes to know how to properly align the mask.

  • Stand in front of a blank wall. It helps us see you.

  • Pull hair away from your face. Otherwise your hair will be in the photo.

  • Only upload high-resolution images. Don't use blurry images or screenshots. Pixelated images will yield blurry masks. Try to send original photos instead of screenshots of photos.

  • Have fun with your expression!