Made in Los Angeles. Ships in 3-7 days. Ships worldwide with free US shipping on 2 or more masks.

Bulk Orders

We can make convincingly realistic face masks that look like people's faces for your whole organization! Humans are wired to empathize with the facial expressions of others. So when you see a Maskalike mask in person (especially if it's a smiling face) it still feels like someone is smiling back at you, which will brighten the spirit.

We've received requests from hotels, and resorts, schools, restaurants—and other organizations that provide in-person services. We're happy to accommodate orders for the whole team—whether it's a group of nursing home caretakers, flight attendants, school teachers, theme park staff, restaurant servers, or film extras, Maskalike masks are a fun way to help people have stronger connections.

We can also make these for weddings, so that each guest gets their own face.

Need 50 masks? Need 1,000 masks? Need a small logo added to them? We got you covered at a discounted rate. Email to start a conversation. Please include the date you need them by and the quantity you're looking for.

If you're ordering under 20 masks, please use our regular image uploader.